Meet Our Egg Donor Coordinator, Valerie McMorris

Valerie McMorris is Dr. Loucopoulos' Egg Donor Coordinator, and they have worked together for many years. She has over 16 years of experience working in the area of GYN/Infertility and Egg Donation. She specializes is offering personalized attention to Intended Parents seeking Egg Donors, As well as to Egg Donors who wish to begin the process of Egg Donation.

Her goal is to address the unique needs of each intended Parent, for which she will adjust her approach to specifically suit the patient's needs in your search for the perfect Egg Donor.

The goal is to help Intended Parents choose the egg donor that best suits their needs. Whether you are seeking an egg donor to work with your surrogate/gestational carrier or to work with you for your own cycle of egg donor IVF we are happy to help you find the perfect egg donor!

To learn more about our Donor Coordinator, please visit her website by clicking here.

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